Tips for Choosing Clothes for the Baby that Must Be Known

Shopping for baby clothes, especially for those who have just been born with easy distress. Because baby’s skin is still thin and notoriously sensitive. There are many factors that need to be considered in terms of choosing baby clothes, such as comfort and of course safety.
Do not let the clothes are worn by the baby actually make it fussier. Therefore it’s good to consider some tips that can help you choose clothes for your baby.

1. Clothing Material

The skin of a baby who has just been born is certainly still sensitive to many things, such as the clothes he uses. It’s a good idea to choose a cotton material that is comfortable with the baby’s skin. Choose clothes that can absorb sweat, it will be better to remember that baby sweat that can be absorbed can also minimize irritation to the skin.

2. Don’t Half-Half, Choose Quality

As a mother, of course, you have the instinct to manage finances well and carefully so that all parts get parts according to their portions. Do not let you be tempted by the massive discounts offered by baby gear stores without you knowing the quality.
Do not let you be tempted by cheap prices, so you put aside the quality of clothes for babies. For example, clothing that easily wears off, or uneven stitches. Because these little things will have fatal consequences for the baby later. It’s also a good idea to pay attention to clothing that has a standard baby clothes certificate, for the good of your baby.

3. Prioritize Comfort

For babies who have just been born, dress models are not too important, but comfort is preferred. Do not come to attach importance to appearance, making you choose baby clothes with complex models. Choose a model that is simple and practical, which makes your baby feel comfortable and easy to replace.
Like a baby who has just been born, of course, he will often change clothes because it is wet with sweat or famous for being toothless. Also, avoid choosing clothes that are too tight because it will make it difficult for your baby to breathe freely.

4. Pay attention to the size

The right size for each baby is different, so it is important that you recognize the development of the baby. But what you need to know, babies have fast growth so if you buy clothes, choose clothes that are larger than the size of your baby’s body.
Better yet if there is a size that is right for your baby. In addition to anticipating the size of the clothes, it’s a good idea to buy a variety of sizes because the estimated weight while still in the womb when it’s born will be different.

5. Don’t Ignore the Treatment

Having a new baby with all its sensitivity certainly requires you to be defter in taking care of the clothes that will be used by the baby. Avoid washing baby clothes with detergent powder that contains chemicals, … Read More


Tips for Choosing Beautiful Clothes that Match Your Body Shape

When choosing clothes to wear, we need to be a little selective because what we wear can affect our appearance to our personality. Don’t just choose clothes based on your favorite color, style, or trend. Because maybe these clothes are less suitable for you to wear because your body shape or skin color does not match the purpose of the clothes created.

So that the clothes you wear can make your appearance more beautiful and attractive, you can follow a few tips on choosing the following beautiful clothes.
Maybe you have had an unpleasant experience when buying clothes through an online shop, where the clothes worn by the models look right and make them look very beautiful. But unfortunately, after your order arrived and tried, it turned out that the clothes were very unsuitable and far different from the model you saw on the shop web.

This experience is not experienced by only 1-2 people, you know, but many victims have wrongly chosen clothes because they do not consider body shape or skin color.

But don’t worry, because there are some tips on how to choose beautiful clothes based on a body shape that you can try to apply, so as not to buy clothes incorrectly through an online shop, and so that the clothes you choose can make you look more attractive and perfect.

1. Tips for choosing to clothe for an apple-shaped body

Avoid: Women who have a big apple shaped body must avoid skinny jeans and leggings because it will make them all “stand out.”
Suitable: For subordinates, the best choice that you can try is to wear pants or wide skirt, which can cover body fat.

2. Tips for choosing clothes for a rectangular body

For those of you who have a thin body or slim body, or what is known as a rectangular body, there are some tips on choosing clothes that are suitable for you to look more attractive and beautiful. If your body looks flat from top to bottom, you can use clothes to make your body look like it has a curve (a woman’s curves). The trick is to choose the right clothes and accessories.

The simplest example, you can use a belt in the narrowest part of your body which is around the waist.

Choices of clothing that are suitable for rectangular bodies include:
• Wrap dress, and
• Empire-waist, which is a type of dress that has a concept and is installed a little below the breast to give a high waist impression. This type of clothing is very suitable to be worn by those who are slim.

3. Clothes suitable for hourglass-shaped bodies

This is a body shape that is desired by almost every woman. However, choosing the wrong clothing will actually make the excess useless. Some examples of famous artists who have an hourglass-shaped body include, Jennifer Aniston, Marilyn Monroe, and Kate Winslet.
An hourglass-shaped body generally has a balanced waistline and shoulders, full breast shape, and full … Read More


Go Nordic this Christmas

If you fancy a different style for your Christmas decorations this year, then why not explore Scandinavian style? This type of design became popular in the 1950s and still retains an attractive charm for the current season. It embraces functionality and simplicity but with heaps of rustic, vintage charm. Here are some ways to get that Scandinavian feel:

Natural – Much of Scandinavian design relies on the use of natural materials. Basket weaving is a big tradition of the Nordic nations, so you’ll find plenty of Christmas decorations that feature twine and weaving. Mixing up some festive colours with the natural backdrop of cane is perfect for a rustic atmosphere. The focus is on simple, comfortable, natural elements to put everyone at ease and enjoy the spirit of the season.

Sweet – A lovely example of a Scandinavian tree decoration is a cinnamon stick with a fabric pointed hat. These mini spice trees keep in with the natural theme and add a playful touch. If you’d like to make some for your tree, you’ll find tutorials online and you’ll need some festive fabric. For a beautiful range of Designer Christmas Fabrics, visit higgs and higgs.

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Crafting – Hand crafted decorations are popular in this style and whether you want to try your hand at some or prefer to buy, be sure to include woven animals, like deer and birds. Cushions are another touch of luxury you can add, introducing a splash of warm colour to raise those party spirits. Think about mixing and blending different patterns and textures but stick to a central colour scheme.

Wood – As part of the simple and natural elements of Scandinavian design, wood plays a big part. When you think of the Nordic countries you imagine log cabins, saunas, forests and roaring log fires so it makes sense to incorporate this material into your décor. You don’t have to buy an expensive decoration but save up scraps of wood during the year and turn them into a Christmas project. Perhaps a wood wreath would be a unique, quirky addition to your decorating.

Combine – When hanging wreaths or other decorations, go for a mix of natural elements. For example, you might hang a wood wreath, a woven one and one made from evergreen foliage. Combining these natural materials will keep your design nicely Nordic.

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Kids – If you’re looking to entertain excited children in the lead up to Christmas, then keep them busy with simple yet stunning yarn ornaments. Again, keeping in theme with the natural element, these simple yarn decorations can be made in any colour and there are plenty of online guides in how to create intricate designs in just a few steps.

Upcycle – Unassuming doesn’t have to mean dull and there are some wonderful decorations that can be made by upcycling items you have lying around. Look online for hundreds of different easy ideas including materials like paper, string, yarn, branches, foliage, wood and … Read More