Go Nordic this Christmas

If you fancy a different style for your Christmas decorations this year, then why not explore Scandinavian style? This type of design became popular in the 1950s and still retains an attractive charm for the current season. It embraces functionality and simplicity but with heaps of rustic, vintage charm. Here are some ways to get that Scandinavian feel:

Natural – Much of Scandinavian design relies on the use of natural materials. Basket weaving is a big tradition of the Nordic nations, so you’ll find plenty of Christmas decorations that feature twine and weaving. Mixing up some festive colours with the natural backdrop of cane is perfect for a rustic atmosphere. The focus is on simple, comfortable, natural elements to put everyone at ease and enjoy the spirit of the season.

Sweet – A lovely example of a Scandinavian tree decoration is a cinnamon stick with a fabric pointed hat. These mini spice trees keep in with the natural theme and add a playful touch. If you’d like to make some for your tree, you’ll find tutorials online and you’ll need some festive fabric. For a beautiful range of Designer Christmas Fabrics, visit higgs and higgs.

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Crafting – Hand crafted decorations are popular in this style and whether you want to try your hand at some or prefer to buy, be sure to include woven animals, like deer and birds. Cushions are another touch of luxury you can add, introducing a splash of warm colour to raise those party spirits. Think about mixing and blending different patterns and textures but stick to a central colour scheme.

Wood – As part of the simple and natural elements of Scandinavian design, wood plays a big part. When you think of the Nordic countries you imagine log cabins, saunas, forests and roaring log fires so it makes sense to incorporate this material into your décor. You don’t have to buy an expensive decoration but save up scraps of wood during the year and turn them into a Christmas project. Perhaps a wood wreath would be a unique, quirky addition to your decorating.

Combine – When hanging wreaths or other decorations, go for a mix of natural elements. For example, you might hang a wood wreath, a woven one and one made from evergreen foliage. Combining these natural materials will keep your design nicely Nordic.

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Kids – If you’re looking to entertain excited children in the lead up to Christmas, then keep them busy with simple yet stunning yarn ornaments. Again, keeping in theme with the natural element, these simple yarn decorations can be made in any colour and there are plenty of online guides in how to create intricate designs in just a few steps.

Upcycle – Unassuming doesn’t have to mean dull and there are some wonderful decorations that can be made by upcycling items you have lying around. Look online for hundreds of different easy ideas including materials like paper, string, yarn, branches, foliage, wood and fabric.