Pillow Cases As a Wedding Gift

I wanted to get a nice wedding gift for my sister and her new husband. I knew they had registered at one of the local stores at the mall here in town, but I did not see anything they had picked out that I wanted to get for them. There were nice gifts for sure, but they were very basic gifts like a toaster oven, dishes, and bath towels. I wanted to get them something that was really special, and I found just the thing when I saw a company that does sequin pillow and pillowcases that are personalized.

My sister is definitely the glitter type of person. Nearly half of her tee shirts have glitter and references to princess on them. While I would never wear something like that, it is definitely the right kind of shirt for my sister. These pillowcases reminded me so much of the shirts that she wears. While the wedding gift is for both of them, I knew my sister would definitely appreciate it a lot more than he would if I kept it only as a glittery princess theme. I decided the only answer to this would be to order them a couple of different pillow cases.

For my sister, I ordered a pink pillowcase that has sequins all over it. It has their last name on it, and there is a crown with sequins in every corner of the pillowcase. For her new husband, he is a coffee drinker if I have ever met one. I decided to get him the same kind of pillowcase, but his is blue. Instead of the crowns in each corner, he has a coffee cup in each one. I knew as soon as they were delivered to me that they would both love them, and I was right!